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What you Need to Know about Baby Pushchairs



The day will come that you will be looking for a baby pushchair and that you will soon discover that there is a wide range as well as variety of baby pushchair that is available in the market. This might seem a little bit confusing to you as well as overwhelming and you will end up at the loss when you are going to buy it. The very first thing that you have to do is to narrow down your choices by simply understanding the many categories that is available in the market such as Britax car seat. Baby stroller, baby pushchairs,, baby buggies, baby prams are often the common terms that are used and they may be or may not be referring to the same thing. For you to better understand the names and terms, a more concise description will be given to you in this article.


Strollers vs Pushchairs vs Buggies

Both the stroller and Pushchairs are chairs with wheels and it can often be folded for easy transportation and storage. The primary function of the strollers and pushchairs is to transport infants from one location to the next. The only difference between the two is the term and description due to the geographic and cultural influence. Stroller is often used in the US while pushchair is used in the UK. Now that the buggy is more compact and has become a trend in the UK, the pushchair on the other hand has been slowly replaced by the buggy. Buggy on the American English is synonymous to baby carriages and prams which also transport babies in a lying position and this are often used for new born babies. Whether it is a stroller, buggy or pushchair it is a form of transportation for the child whether they are sitting or lying down and it is often forward facing direction instead of facing the person who is doing the pushing.


Pushchair comes in different forms and configurations, it also have different models that provides different degrees of adjustments for you to recline the child or baby. There are some that is best suited for newborns while some pushchairs are more appropriate for older babies who can sit upright. The most common pushchair today is the buggy and it is for single baby, there are also available for twin or double pushchairs and this type comes in side by side and tandem configuration. It was only in recent years that there is an increase of multiple births such as triplets and that they also have created triple pushchairs.