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Why You Need to Have a Baby Car Seat



Previously, car safety was really easy since such was done through holding the child upright using both your hands and hold the dashboard or front seat firmly. If the child can stand stronger, then such is a lot safer. It is really fortunate that nowadays, people are more aware about the risks in car traveling. Also, there are excellent ways that you can protect the baby in the car. There are various car seat models and related products such as Baby bjorn baby carrier one that you can surely find in the market.


To be sure of car safety for your babies, then the law requires that you buckle up the babies. Such is because of the fact that they are now included in the regulations in various countries. If you don't make use of adapted car seats for the baby, then such may cause you a huge fine. In so many countries, it is not the age that counts anymore but the child's size in the sitting position and also the others would count too.


For those newborn babies, the parents should use the right baby car seat and Baby prams to be sure of the safety of the infant. The baby car seat must be installed in the opposite direction to the traffic and know that there must be a better protection to the child's neck and chest in the event of collision or abrupt braking. It is required that you install the baby car seat in this way until the child can stand alone or if one reaches 12 months.


Know that if the car is not equipped with such airbag on the side of the passenger, then the parents may utilize the front seat to install the baby car seat so long as they can guarantee to back up the seat as far as possible. However, if the car would come with an airbag on the front right side, the newborn car seat should never be installed at the front. You have to remember that the seat for your newborn should be installed at an angle of 45 degrees. The baby should not be completely upright or lying. If the seat can't be inclined at such angle, then it is recommended that you put a rolled towel under the seat to fix its angle.


There are other features that you have to check out in a baby car seat that you must purchase for your infant. There are various comparison charts that you can refer to so that you can make a great decision.